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What is caffeine?

Caffeine is an alkaloid found in the coffee plant that helps to repel fatigue and stimulate the body and mind. It is the most common stimulant among athletes, increasing the ability to concentrate. In addition, caffeine helps to stimulate the nervous system.

Benefits of caffeine

Caffeine helps increase endurance and performance. It provides energy and, thanks to the stimulating property of its central nervous system, helps to concentrate during training.

Caffeine also speeds up metabolism. It burns fat, helping to lose weight. In addition, caffeine helps increase motivation during workouts, making workouts more productive. Through this, caffeine helps to set new records and prepare the athlete for competitions.

Uses caffeine

If you want to use caffeine to intensify your workouts, you should consume it before your workout. Caffeine is found in coffee as well as in energy and sports drinks. It is also found in tea, chocolate, soft drinks and caffeine tablets.

Caffeine is used to concentrate caffeine in studies. It has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, which helps to increase attention and work efficiency.

Caffeine side effects and overdose

Care must be taken to consume no more than 300-400mg of caffeine per day. Otherwise, an overdose of caffeine can occur, which is life-threatening in severe cases. Excess caffeine makes a person nervous and easily irritated. This causes digestive problems and heart rhythm problems.

In addition, excessive caffeine intake can lead to respiratory problems, heart failure and high blood pressure. It can also cause hyperactivity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, eating disorders and attention disorders.

Where can buy caffeine in Estonia?

In Estonia, caffeine can be purchased from our e-shop Caffeine is also sold in FITS Tallinn stores located at Haabersti 1, Tallinn (E-R 10-20; L: 10-15) and Linnamäe tee 3, Tallinn (E-R 10-20; L: 10-15). The stores are located in shopping malls next to the checkouts.

Caffeine 200mg tablets Caffeine 200mg tablets
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MPN: Caffeine tablets increases physical activity and attention and improves mental performance.
What Caffeine tablets are and why to take them?These tablets contain only one main active ingredient — caffeine. Caffeine not only helps stimulate the functioning of the central nervous system, but can also significantly increase physical strength and restore vitality. In any case, this dietary supp..
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Caffeine Complex capsules Caffeine Complex capsules
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MPN: Caffeine Complex increases physical activity and attention and improves mental performance.
What Caffeine capsules are and why to take them?Caffeine capsules are made using high-quality and fully organic plant raw materials. They can significantly accelerate the metabolic processes occurring in the human body and can easily help boost energy and regulate vitality. It also has to be noted t..
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Choline Plus Complex capsules Choline Plus Complex capsules
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MPN: Choline normalizes liver function, prevents gallstones, and stimulates regeneration processes.
What Choline capsules are and why to take them?Choline capsules contain the eponymous chemical substance, which is also known as vitamin B4. It received its name shortly after its  discovery in 1930 and soon became well-known under this name. Regarding the general properties of this substance, it sh..
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Raspberry Complex 8 in 1 capsules Raspberry Complex 8 in 1 capsules
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MPN: Raspberry Complex 8-in-1 is a special complex for weight loss and support of the immune system.
What Raspberry Complex Capsules are and Why to Take Them?Raspberry Complex capsules are made using berries, leaves and roots of the raspberry plant. These capsules have many different benefits for your health. This remedy can be highly beneficial for all those who wish to improve their immune functi..
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