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Bamboo Silica for Joints

What is silica?

Silica is a mineral that supports physiological structures and is found in the husks of oats, rice and wheat, as well as in dandelions, nettles and fields. It helps to keep the human body healthy and youthful.

Benefits of silica

Silica is needed to improve the elasticity of the connective tissue in the arteries, joints and muscles. It helps absorb calcium, heals wounds and cleanses the liver. In addition, consuming silicon helps keep nails, teeth and hair healthy. Silica also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Adequate amounts of silica in the body help reduce tissue wear. It also accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and the strengthening of bonds. Silica is also needed to restore cartilage and generally support healthy joints.

Uses of silica

Silica supplement is used to support bone and joint health. This helps to make the bones strong and speeds up the recovery of damaged bones. Silica is also useful in supporting the mobility of the knees, elbows and other joints. It should also be used by people with arthritis.

Lack of silica can thin and brittle your hair and make your nails thin. This can lead to bone malformations and osteoporosis. Consumption of silica helps to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the immune system. It is also needed for connective tissue and teeth.

Silica side effects and overdose

As silica is thought to be safe for humans, no information is available on its overdose.

Bamboo Silica 200mg capsules Bamboo Silica 200mg capsules
-35 %
MPN: Bamboo extract is 70% organic silica, which maintains the healthy appearance of skin, nails, and hair.
What Bamboo silica capsules are and why to take them?Bamboo silica capsules is a perfect remedy for those who seek to maintain attractive and healthy appearance. The capsules have a large impact on the appearance of the skin, nails, and hair, and also greatly contribute to the restoration of their n..
12.90€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:10.75€
Silica with Biotin and Selenium capsules Silica with Biotin and Selenium capsules
-60 %
MPN: This specially formulated complex is designed to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss and breakage.
What Silica, biotin and selenium capsules are and why to take them?Silica, biotin and selenium capsules are made using natural and organic raw materials that have undergone additional processing in laboratory conditions. This comprehensive remedy is a great find for anyone who wishes to restore a he..
12.00€ 30.00€
Ex Tax:10.00€
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