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Vitamin K

Benefits of vitamin K

Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting. In addition, the supplement is necessary because it supports the normal state of bone density. Of particular importance is the combination of vitamin K and vitamin D, which contributes to heart and bone health.

Vitamin K in food and the sources

Vitamin K is mostly found in green vegetables such as kale, chives, spinach, beets, herbs, and brussels sprouts. It is also found in some vegetable oils, for example in pumpkin seed oil, rapeseed oil, and soybean oil. Vitamin K2 is also present in some dairy products, as well as in eggs, meat and liver.

Uses of vitamin K

Although there is no exact recommended daily intake for this food supplement, the approximate daily requirement for vitamin K is 75 µg.

If fats are not absorbed regularly, the absorption of vitamin K is greatly reduced. In that case, as the supply of the food supplement to the liver may be depleted, the vitamin supplement should be taken.

Vitamin K supplements should also be taken by people who take antibiotics and aspirin, and by those who don't have a versatile diet.

Deficiency of vitamin K

Vitamin K deficiency can occur in newborns and in people who take medicines that thin the blood. People who lack vitamin K may be at risk of blood clotting problems, so bruises and bleedings are more frequent to happen.

Side effects and overdose of vitamin K

There is little data on vitamin K overdose and no natural overdose has yet been recorded. However, there is evidence that the synthetic form of the food supplement may adversely affect hematopoiesis and the liver.

Where can buy vitamin K in Estonia?

In Estonia, vitamin K can be purchased from our e-shop Vitamin K is also sold in FITS Tallinn stores located at Haabersti 1, Tallinn (E-R 10-20; L: 10-15) and Linnamäe tee 3, Tallinn (E-R 10-20; L: 10-15). The stores are located in shopping malls next to the checkouts.

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